– General information-

1. The following Terms of Service apply for the use of interactive services ("Services") from the Service Provider ("Service Provider" ) and their use by individual users (“Users” ) on our internet platform("Internet Platform").

2. The Service Provider is APJ Internet Solutions sp. z o.o. based in 61-538 Poznan (Poland), ul. Kościelnej 26/34, entered into the National Court Register by the Regional Court Poznan-Nowe MIasto i Wilda in Poznan, VIII Department of Commercial National Court Register under the KRS number 0000403584.

3. The Service Provider is the data administrator.

4. This Terms of Service is the terms of services mentioned in the article 8, act of 18 July 2002 r. on electronic services (Journals of law nr 144, item. 1204).

5. The provision of Services by the Service Provider is to allow registered users to use the online platform to participate in tests, games and trainings that aims to automatic diagnose the level and condition of competences of children and to offer a possibility to develop skills using e-learning innovative method of narrative psychology.

6. Using the Services offered on the Internet Platform the User agree to the conditions of this Terms of Service and follow it every time the User use the Internet Platform.

7. The Users can access this Terms of Service at any time by using the hyperlink at the bottom of the website www.genialnydzieciak.pl

8. The Service Provider is not the Internet Provider. In order to use the Service, User shall itself provide access the computer that will enable him to use the Internet Platform.

9. The games, tests and trainings offered on the Internet Platform might be used fully only if the User's computer meet the right system requirements.

10. Specific system requirements is listed on the website www.genialnydzieciak.pl. Only the User is responsible for meeting the minimum system requirements.

11. The Service Provider is not responsible for the lack of possibilities to access the Internet Platform as well as for cessation of services online due to force majeure.

12. The Service Provider reserves the right to short maintenance break in the functioning of the Internet Platform, in case of a planned, ongoing operation and maintenance of the server and software of the Internet Platform.

13. The Service Provider shall not be liable for any use of the information from the Internet Platform.

14. Service Provider reserves the right to place in any part of the Internet Platform advertising content in the forms used in the Internet. Provider is not responsible for the content of advertising placed on the Internet Platform and for the resulting claims of third parties arising.

– Accessing the content of the
Internet Platform

1.. In order to use the tools and information offered on the Internet Platform, the User must register via register form available at www.genialnydzieciak.pl. The User correctly registered on the Platform is called the User Platform.

2. Registering on the Platform is equal to placing User's statement that he is 18 years of age and have legal capacity to act, or that is under 18 years old, but uses the platform with the consent of their parents or legal guardians.

3. Entering e-mail address , the User agrees to receive notifications of an information and education character, containing knowledge about the subject available on the Internet Platform, information on the Internet Platform and its full service. User can unsubscribe by sending his resignation at info@genialnydzieciak.pl

4. The User is entitled to free access to selected functions of the Internet Platform.

5. Full access to the Internet Platform is granted after subscribing.

6. Types of subscriptions to choose from are: Subscription Silver (20 zł per month), Subscription Gold (40 zł per month), Subscription Platinum (50 zł per month).

7. Payment occurs via the service provider implementing electronic payments, including bank transfer or credit card payment.

8. The User making a payment, you will be informed immediately before the transaction of the amount of the payment, possible payment options and the data of provider performing the payment.

9. The Terms and Conditions of payment through operators that provide electronic payment is available on the website of the operator.

10. When making a payment through electronic payment provider (bank transfer), in order to make payment the User should follow the instructions given by the operator of electronic payments.

11. The Service Provider in no way it collects and stores User identification data associated with the payments, in particular such as credit card data, access to data transaction systems, or otherwise does not affect the payment made by the User.

12. After successful payment through electronic payment provider to the electronic address provided by the User is sent information about the payment, and if the user typed data required for the invoice, also the file containing the electronic invoice.

13. Users of the Internet Platform shall act in compliance with the law applicable to them in the country from which they obtain access to the Platform. In the event that the applicable regulations prohibit or restrict use of the Platform, members are required to submit to them.

– Privacy policy –

1. By registering on the Internet Platform and sending remarks and providing contact information, the User consent to use the data by the Service Provider on the principles set out in this Terms of Service.

2. Processing the Users's data, including those of a personal data shall be in accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data and the Law on electronic services.

3. The User consents to the storage by the Service Provider on his computer small text files (ie. Cookies) necessary for the proper performance by the Service Provider. These files do not collect personal information, do not change the configuration of your computer, not used to install or uninstall any software, do not interfere with the integrity of the system or user data are not processed by other websites and can be removed at any time by the user.

4. For more information regarding this privacy policy, Users' personal data processing, modification and update of previously submitted data the User may contact the Service Provider at info@genialnydzieciak.pl

– Copywright –

1. Copyright to the content displayed on the Internet Platform are the property of the Service Provider or have been released under the relevant contract and are protected by law in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 4 February 1994 on Copyright and Related Rights (Journal of Law. 2006 No. 90, pos. 631, as amended. d.).

2. Without the written consent of the Service Provider, none of the material contained in the resources of the Internet Platform, as well as the resources downloaded from the Internet Platform or otherwise received, cannot be used in any way, duplicated, copied, fixed.

3. Using the Internet Platform do not acquire User any rights to the intangibles to works contained therein, you may use these works only to the extent permitted by the Copyright Act and related laws.

4. The use of the free services it is possible for information purposes only and exclusively for the User's own needs, to the extent specified in these Terms of Service. The User is not permitted to use the information contained on the Internet Platform for commercial purposes, in particular by making them available for a fee or free of charge to a third party.

5. Purchasing by the User on the terms specified in the Terms of Service pay service is equal to the granting of rights to the User by the Service Provider to use the Internet Platform or its specific part at a given time, only for their own needs, to the extent specified in these Terms of Service.

– Final provisions –

1. These Terms of Service shall apply from the date of publication on the sides of the Internet Platform.

2. For the matters not covered by these Terms of Service the Polish law is valid.

3. Service Provider reserves the right to make periodic changes to these Terms of Service.

4. The current version of the Terms of Service will be published on the Internet Platform.

5. In the event of a change, a notification on the changes will be posted on the main page of the Internet Platform, and the new version of the Terms of Service will come into force with respect to all services immediately upon posting on the Internet Platform.

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