SILVER Subscription (24,6 PLN / 4,1 GBP / 6,4 USD / 5,9 EUR / month)*
The basic package gives You access to games that will automatically diagnose the level and condition of competences and knowledge of Your Child. At the end the system will generate an advanced report containing a thorough analysis of the results.

GOLD Subscription (49,2 PLN / 8,2 GBP / 12,8 USD / 11,8 EUR / month)*
This package offers all the SILVER does + access to the special competence rating, where you can find out how Your Child's results compare to the results of other children.

PLATINUM Subscription (61,5 PLN / 10,3 GBP / 16,1 USD / 14,7 EUR / month)*
The highest package includes all the elements from GOLD and also access to training games that will strengthen competence and knowledge of Your Child. You will also receive a proposal to participate in trainings to develop Your Child's individual competences and knowledge.

*Prices in currencies other than PLN are approximate and depend on the exchange rate in Your bank on the day of the transaction! Prices include VAT.
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